Monday, 28 February 2011

"They could hardly be left in the hands of the zonked."

So, I'm pretty tired, having done The Grand Duke for three nights and then gone to the after-show party and then stayed up a decent while more even after leaving. Buttercup said I should just go to bed when I got home, but I was all, "No, I'm not going to go to bed for hours," so she said, "OK, go home and blog!"
So, here I am, blogging. And what am I to blog about under such circumstances as these, but tiredness?

OK, so coming home knackered the day after a party is far from a new experience for me. The combination of alcohol and sleepovers seriously reduce the amount of sleep I get, so the following day I am pretty zonked usually. The usual pattern has become that I go home from wherever I slept over, am OK but a bit vague and... well, zonked, for the rest of the day, start getting tired shortly before dinner time, revive a bit with energy from food, then go to bed around 8pm.
Obviously, today has been different for some reason. I'm not sure why, since I had 3 hours sleep at most, probably less.

Now, this is not necessarily great. Zonked days can end up being rather unproductive, because it's hard to get your brain properly in gear. But, there are bright sides. One, presumably whatever it was that caused you to be this tired was pretty fun and therefore worth it. Two, while many things should not be left in the hands of the zonked, some things definitely can be done while knackered, possibly even better than while well-rested. Nothing that requires significant thinking, but simple, repetitive tasks can be great. Because if you do something simple and repetitive while well-rested, you get bored, your mind wanders. If you're knackered, your mind isn't active enough to wander, so you can just keep going.

I feel I should mention at this point that this is purely from my experience and may well not apply to everyone, especially people who actually have problems with sleeping.They obviously have it kinda worse than I do in this regard.

A minor example before I move onto my main one: when I was in 6th form, I was doing AS Further Maths out of hours, because my school didn't offer it normally. So I just had to do it at lunchtimes. One time, I was totally knackered because I'd been up all night doing coursework. So I went along at lunchtime and had no idea what the teacher was talking about. But what I was able to do was just copy down everything he was going through, so I could look at it again when I was properly awake. Which I did, and thn I understood it.

Main example: tagging facebook photos.
Tagging facebook photos doesn't take that much thought, so I can easily do it while knackered. Which is fortunate, because I'm usually knackered the day after a party, so there will be photos of the party, which need to be tagged. In this particular case, there were also photos of the show. And some of those are chorus scenes, so they have loads of people in. Now if I had been properly awake, I would have found it really tedious to go through several hundred photos tagging multiple people in each one. But as I was tired, I just did it. Thus making sensible use of my tired-ness.

Another thing is of course just watching videos and stuff. If there's something I really want to watch, while I'm too tired to do much else is a good time. Unless it's something which requires intelligence, in which case it should wait. I'll watch assorted youtube videos while zonked, but not, say, Shakespeare.
Reading is also an option, but I find it takes a little more brainpower than watching something. One may forget things that happened about half a page previously.

So yeah, there are some things one is still able to do while tired. They're also basically the things I have spent today doing. Tagging photos and watching youtube videos. Plus occasional bouts of conversation, and eating.

I can't think of anything more in particular to talk about unless I want to talk about the party. Which I guess I could, but I dunno. Would require a certain amount of thought to do anything more meaningful than maybe put in some photos. And anyone reading this presumably knows me from either facebook or the Playground, and the photos can be found on both. So, that would be kind of pointless. So this shall be a really short post by my standards.
Maybe tomorrow, or soon at least, I'll think through some of the amusing things that happened and recount them. Or not. I might do a post about parties in general at some point, and I will definitely do one about The Grand Duke, with minimal plot summary and as many amusing thoughts and anecdotes as I can come up with.
Now, back to youtube until I feel tired enough to sleep.

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