Friday, 25 February 2011

Time, Time, Time...

See what's become of me.

So this one is just kind of general musings on my life at present. Naturally the main thing on my mind at the moment is the production of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Grand Duke with NUGSS, the first performance of which is tonight (You should totally come see it). About half an hour ago I started getting performance nerves. Butterflies in the stomach. Actually that might just be hunger.
To be honest how nervous I am is sometimes difficult even for me to determine. Like, last year in HMS Pinafore I was playing Ralph Rackstraw. Not only the central role but also probably my favourite role in all of G&S. However, I didn't feel particularly nervous. But I think I may have been deluding myself on that point. Like, I was calm, but it was a thin layer of calm floating on top of a sea of nerves, and if something happened to shake that calm, like me being startled by someone vigorously knocking my hat off from behind and messing up my hair, suddenly I was really shaken.

So anyway, I may or may not be nervous about The Grand Duke tonight (Eating now, I think that feeling was definitely hunger rather than nerves). But either way, the show should be a lot of fun. The only possible drawback is that it may take me somewhat out of the rest of my life for the next few days. Admittedly there's not much of significance in the rest of my life at present, but there are still things I could and should be doing, among them trying to get more things of significance into the rest of my life.
OK, I'm going to have to finish this post after I get back from the first night performance. I'll tell you how it went!

It went pretty well! I don't think any audience members not in regular communication with a cast member will have had any notion of the kind of histrionics we went through trying to get the show ready in time. Though admittedly, that may not be very many audience members. Our primary audience is our friends and families.
Anyway, after a certain amount of panicking before the show started, rapidly applying make-up, grabbing important props and bits of costume, the thing itself went really very smoothly, from the standing in the wings amusing ourselves during the overture to the curtain calls. Well, the curtain calls had some issues with the fact we couldn't see very much once the curtains were closed, so getting in position was a bit difficult, but on the whole it was alright. Audience not too big, but they seemed appreciative enough.

Returning to what I was saying before. It might well surprise some people who know me, but I do try and be at least a little bit organised with doing things. I even have a generic to do list! As in, I don't decide I should do certain things on a certain day, but I have a list of various things I want to do and try and do some each day. I split the list into 5 categories, and the idea is I should try to do something on one thing from each category every day.
I'm still working up to that.
Categories are: Productive, Creative, Research, Learning and Relaxation.

Relaxation is pretty self-explanatory, and to be honest is fairly unnecessary, because I will always do something each day that counts as relaxation. But it's still a little bit useful for reminding me of certain things I was going to watch/read/play.

Productive is things like looking for jobs, investigating possibilities for postgraduate study, and tidying up my stuff so I can find things, like the plug for my keyboard. Really want to know where that is.

Creative is, well, creative things. Writing (As I do still retain my desire to be an author if I can get my ideas sorted out sufficiently), drawing my avatars, arranging songs for choir or barbershop. That kind of thing.

The other two I have specific definitions for in this context.
Research is researching/investigating/learning more about something in which I already have an interest, like different RPG systems, G&S and related works, etc.

Whereas Learning is learning something entirely new, like trying to learn another language, or a musical instrument or something.

I suppose another way of looking at it is that Research is knowledge, whereas Learning is more skills I guess? The distinction is fairly arbitrary, but it works for me.

So yeah. I tend to end up managing more like two or three categories per day. Maybe four, occasionally, but I don't think I've ever managed to do anything for Learning since I came up with the idea. But, you know, the principle is sound, and in theory this should cause me to do things.

So anyway, other than the show, I do also want to be doing other things on that list. I definitely want to be doing a bit more in the way of arranging songs, so when we get back to having Starfish rehearsals we can have some new stuff. Other productive things. I have a WW game on the Playground starting within the week (Well, it was supposed to be two weeks ago, but stuff happened, it got delayed) (I'll do a post about WW games at some point. Don't worry if you don't know what one is, the details are not important at this juncture). In general try to decide what to do with my life, maybe? OK, that might be over-ambitious of me. But you know, that sort of thing. It all comes back to the "What do you want?" again.
Also, at the moment I have choices about at least a couple of different things in my life, and they're not exactly clear cut decisions. They're not quite in the category of questions which have no real answers (Such as "Why are people born?" "Why do they die?" and "Why do they spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches?") but the answers can't be easily figured out. Would this option be better for these reasons, or the other option for different reasons? Or do I only think it would be better because I've been influenced by such and such, or am I right and conversely possibly overestimating the good points of the other because blah blah blah etc...
I think basically the only way I can determine the truth of this is to pick one option and see how it turns out. But then I still have to pick which one I'm going to go for and see how it turns out...

As one of my A-level physics teachers said, "Life is much more complicated."
(Well, actually he preceded it with "Physics is complicated," but I disagreed on that point because I was good at physics, and anyway it's not relevant here)
Life is complicated, and I need to do things. Including write another blog post, record a video for said post, and finish it before going out for the next performance, because the date I post it is relevant.
See you later.

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  1. I need to do more listing things.
    I try to and then fail.
    Beacuase (sic.) I am lazy and terrible! LAZY AND TERRIBLE!

    You are fab in the show, you keep me right with things and remind me where and when I am meant to be. I'm a total ditz! =D