Monday, 14 March 2011

"Life. Don't talk to me about life."

Actually, I don't mind being talked to about life. But I like the quote, and right now I'm going to talk to you about life. Sort of. I have observed in the past that I don't exactly have a real life. In the sense that I do have a life off the internet, yes I do, but I don't have a job or anything that normal people are kind of expected to have. In some ways I feel that G&S doesn't exactly count as real life somehow. Anyway.

Facial hair: Growing more of a beard. It's interesting to observe, because of course last summer I was growing it all at once, whereas now I already have an existing beard to which I can compare the extra that I'm growing. And so I can observe that while, yes, I can grow a passable beard in two weeks, it's not that impressive a beard compared to teh bits which I already have. Also I've noticed that my facial hair grows more densely on my chin than it does on the rest of my jaw.

Vlogbrothers: Still watching them... I'm up to the videos from 2010! I was somewhat heartened by John's mentions of NaNoWriMo from when he tried to do it in 2009, since he mentioned being way behind on it. Doesn't entirely make me feel better about all the writing I haven't been donig, but at least I'm not the only one, even if I am separated from the person I'm identifying with by about a year and a half.

Speaking of which...
NaNoWriMoWroMo: Even worse than before! I've barely written at all this week. 9089 words total. So, I'm still behind where I should have been last week, let alone now. Though I have noticed the important point that I really can write quickly when I know what I'm doing. Of the 2000-odd words I have written this week, about half of them were written in one short burst when I just knew exactly what I wanted in a scene. (I suppose I should have already realised that was possible from my ability to write a 1000+ word blog post in an hour...) And today I started work on the one of my four projects I hadn't done anything on hitherto, and found it somewhat easier to get words down, so hopefully that'll speed  me up?
Oh, and I can bring up since I've done the WW post now that WW narrations are another thing which it's occurred to me I could theoretically include in my wordcount to reach it more easily. They'd be more legitimate than my blog posts, since they do actually involve, y'know, a narrative. But for the moment I'm not counting them.

Internet: Occasionally cuts out for no apparent reason. Most annoying. Especially because this signs me out of MSN, and it just really annoys me that for some reason when I sign in or out of MSN, the window automatically moves to the end of all the windows at the bottom of the screen. Why can't it just stay where I put it?

Chess: Played in a match on Friday against a friend of mine I hadn't seen for quite a while. I kind of want to go through a couple of bits in the game on here (And I think I could do so in such a way that it would be understandable even to non-chessplayers). Maybe I will, but not in this post.

Rehearsals: Seem to be going fine, except for Starfish, which kind of didn't go at all this week. But there will be more time.
OK, I also skipped out on Gosforth rehearsal on monday to go sing karaoke, but meh. Karaoke is fun! I was finally able to sing Here Comes the Sun, since we finally had a karaoke night in spring.

My books: OK, this one should really have been last week, but I forgot about it. Recently, I sorted some of my books, in order to get them out of the bags they've been in since I moved back from Fenham to my parents' house. This involved reorganising my books in general, which may not sound that exciting, but for years my books were sorted on the principle of "This has always been here, there is space for this here," etc, and I just had to remember where everything was.
But now I've actually categorised a bit. There's still some feeling of "This has to stay here because it's always been here," and bending the categories to fit around that, but it still works, though I did have to come up with an odd pair of categories: 'Books set in the real world (more or less)' and 'Books set in a different world'. Though there can be some ambiguity. So, like, Harry Potter counts as this world, because that's a key idea of the setting, that wizards co-exist with the world we know; whereas the Bartimaeus trilogy doesn't, because while it's all in more or less Victorian London, the existence of magic in the setting has changed things out of recognition to a certain extent.

Blogs: I noticed yesterday that I've acquired my first follower who I don't actually know IRL. Which was a bit unexpected. I think she must have followed me back from BetteonToast (You with your popularity...) This prompted me to look around at some other people's blogs, which I've then been reading.
It's occurred to me that I don't read anything like as many books as I used to, because I have some trouble detaching myself from the internet. It's an issue. But on the other hand, I do read a fair amount on the internet sometimes at least.

On the subject of my own blog, it's occurred to me that some posts I make, like for example the one about WW games earlier this week, can feel a bit like massive information dumps. I try to avoid this and include at least some content that should be interesting to read, but to be honest, that sort of post serves as part of a sort of primer. Like a beginner's guide to my life, so when I later talk about these things, you know what I'm talking about, and what sort of point of view I'm coming from. This is my excuse for when I'm boring. Well, also there's the fact that some things will interest some people and some things will interest other people and you can't please everyone all the time, etc.
Oh yes, and I went back and added labels to all my blog posts. Introspection is easily the most common label, though it's not as universally applied as I expected.

Edit: Gnahh! I've just checked and discovered that in fact, saturday was the third anniversary of me joining the Playground. I really feel I should've made some sort of post to mark the occasion, but I missed it. Perhaps there will be a belated one at some point in this coming week.

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