Monday, 7 March 2011

So 13 hours later I realised I hadn't given this post a title...

OK, so I came up with this idea. A lot of my blog posts are me talking about things, like books, Gilbert and Sullivan, etc. But beyond the fact that these are things which I like and which interest me, and that I'm obviously giving my thoughts and opinions, those posts are not particularly about me.
Naturally, my ego simply will not stand for this.

So, the idea is that maybe once a week, I make a blog post that's basically just about me. Stuff in my actual life. OK, mostly I came up with this idea because it allows me to mention my wordcount for NaNoWriMoWroMo (National Novel Writing Month in the Wrong Month) without detracting from whatever else I'm writing about, but there could be other things I might want to mention that don't actually merit separate posts.
The potential drawback of this plan is that maybe I won't do enough interesting things in a given week to make a decent sized blog post, and you know I hate to write blog posts that aren't massive walls of text. But I think I'll manage. And hey, maybe this will prompt me to do more interesting things just so I have stuff to write about.
I kind of feel like I should have some sort of neat alliterative name for this, like Buttercupliffy's Wishlist Wednesdays. Only ideas I've come up with so far are Status Sundays or Me Mondays. I'm considering using both and trying to post each one of these as close to midnight as possible.

So, stuff in my life.

NaNoWriMoWroMo progress: Terrible. The first day was pretty good, but then the second I did literally nothing, and then a few fairly unproductive days. Today has been a bit better, but I've got a lot to catch up on at this point. I'm currently at a total of 6940 words. After six days out of thirty one, I really should be at 9678. So that's not so good.
Part of the issue is that while I can get over the issue of wanting everything to be perfect, I can't get over the issue of not knowing what to write at all. For each project I'm working on I have some ideas which I can get through pretty quickly once I get going on them. But when those are gone, I'm left with the difficult point of deciding what happens next so I can write it.
It has occurred to me that I would be able to meet the required wordcount really easily if I counted my blog posts towards it. But that would be cheating. When the month is over, I might give a total wordcount including blog posts as well as the one without, just to see how much of a difference it makes.

Looking for a job, and considering postgrad: I had to go to a 'back to work' session at the North Shields job centre on thursday. It prompted maybe one or two thoughts, but to be honest I think it was much more helpful (From the point of view of my life in general) for the fact it forced me to go to North Shields. While there, I went to the library and got out some books on physics and stuff, as part of the process of looking into things I might want to do for postgrad in applied maths. So I've been reading through those.
Also, I made the excellent decision to walk home. Now, some people might think me crazy for that, but I like walking, particularly because it helps me think. In this instance, I managed to think through a bunch of stuff for my NaNoWriMoWroMo projects, some of which I still have to actually write out.

Watching youtube videos: Still working my way through the Vlogbrothers backlog. I'm about halfway through 2009 at this point. Once I am finished getting through those, I will watch HAWP, Buttercup, but not before. Though I did watch the first three, and the one about Braid.

Games: Haven't been playing any, but I bought Braid, because it was cheap and looked interesting. Then I was looking back through old Zero Punctuation videos and found there was a Braid one. Yahtzee actually liked it, so it must be really good.
Oh, games of the non-video variety, I lost at chess on friday night to the Isomorphic Bakery. But it was a really interesting game, and to be honest, our results against each other probably break down to something like 49% he wins, 49% I win, 2% draws. Any game with us could go either way.

Rehearsals: First rehearsal for the Dauntless/NUGSS HMS Pinafore was on wednesday. Only a few people there - as I recall I wasn't specifically asked to come, but I felt like it. It's not like I had anything better to do. Well, other than writing. And I missed monday's Gosforth rehearsal, so I was starting to go into G&S withdrawal. Anyway, it was a good rehearsal. Nice and friendly, just going through some music, taking a look at some of the stuff for the stage. Shame our Ralph had a cold and couldn't sing as well as usual though - having been in a position to observe the improvement of his singing voice since he was 15 or thereabouts, when he joined Swing Bridge, at which point I was the tenor, and even to help him out a bit, I suspect my feelings on him now playing this excellent role will be not un-akin to those of a proud parent.

And then yesterday there was a Starfish rehearsal. Except it turned into a barbershop rehearsal due to a shortage of ladies. It was a rather productive barbershop rehearsal however, and we're getting the group back together - we haven't rehearsed since the end of December, and we really should.
Of course this then prompted me to think that I should try and arrange some more songs, and I do have a few ideas (In addition to one sort-of completed arrangement, only I wanted to possibly do something different with the end but have forgotten what), but I am trying to focus mostly on the writing that I'm supposed to be doing, leaving little time to be arranging songs. But I'll try and fit some in.

It has occurred to me that I seem to be ever so slightly trying to do everything all at once. But I find that that works reasonably well for me. It's like how it's said that if you want something done you should ask a busy person - if I want to do something, I should try and do several things. Because if I think I should just focus on the one thing and I don't have time for the others, I'll end up procrastinating and only doing some of that thing. Whereas if I'm trying to do multiple things, sometimes I will procrastinate on one by doing another, and in general I will be thinking "I need to fit in all these things," and while I may not manage to fit in all of them, I will fit in some of them, so I will be overall more productive. It kind of works, though it has just occurred to me that I've had a job application open in a tab in this firefox window for several days and I still haven't finished filling it in...


  1. I got another mention! ^_^

    I have a feeling that The Isomorphic Bakery is the title of my blog, and that I'm actually called Hazyshade. But all interpretations are welcome.

    Upon further examination of our chess game: rather than Ne5, I should play Bc4 to encourage ...Kf7, followed by Bd2. It turns out that you benefit more than I do from having allowed me to develop the bishop to g5 to start with, because I have to lose a tempo on Bd2 in order to play Ng5+ :-)

    Are NUGSS rehearsals every Wednesday? *examines diary*

  2. I like that you have such paternal feelings towards our promising young Ralph! Amusing.x