Thursday, 17 March 2011

"That goatee is a death sentence."

Sidenote, I had to flip briefly through the Darths and Droids archive to find the title-quote, and I spotted to my amusement that the translations include Pirate and Poetry. Sadly Pirate has only been done for the first 2 strips, and Poetry doesn't go very far, but still.

It's interesting that goatees are associated with villainy. I think it could be for similar reasons as the fact a number of villains tend to be upper-class British: It implies refinement, which for whatever reason is a good thing in a villain.
(Note: I'm not saying people who aren't British can't be refined, but we're stereotyped as it, probably thanks to our large amounts of period drama, and also the Victorians)
Similarly, a goatee sort of implies that, because it indicates the beard has been carefully maintained, whereas your trustworthy manly heroes will most likely be clean-shaven or have rugged-looking beards or stubble.

In this regard, I prefer the villainous attitude. For many years I was entirely opposed to the idea of me ever growing a beard. I changed my mind, but I still must insist that my facial hair be carefully regulated. Which gets a bit frustrating, because this means even though I'm growing facial hair I still have to keep shaving, possibly more often, because stubble alongside a partially grown beard looks weird.
Incidentally, I'm not sure why I'm writing a blog post about my beard. It just occurred to me as an idea.

So, of course, all my growth of facial hair was prompted in some way by Gilbert & Sullivan. Beard One: Sir Roderic Murgatroyd.
Intended to make me look older (Since I was supposed to be a middle-aged ghost) and maybe a bit villainous. I'd say it worked.

Beard Two: I was going to shave the beard off, but thought I'd stop partway through to try a different style of facial hair. Originally I had this in mind as how I'd have my beard if I got cast as Ernest in The Grand Duke. I didn't get the part, but decided to have the beard anyway.

At the most recent winter UK Playground Meetup, a friend of Spanner's mentioned she's bad at names but just gives people descriptions. Apparently I, in her head, was 'Villain Beard Guy'. On the other hand, one of the other men in Iolanthe took to calling me d'Artagnan.

And now Beard Three is underway. I don't have any photos of it, but basically it just extends along the rest  of my jawline, chin to sideburns. I remain resistant to cheek-beard and neck-beard. I mentioned a couple of observations about how it was growing in my last post.
This is again to make me look a bit older, for Yeomen of the Guard. Not sure if I'll keep it after that. When I mention the possibility of shaving off my beard, people tend to be against it, because I look good with facial hair apparently. But at some point it's definitely going to have to go, because I never intended it to be permanent. Also because it does what it's meant to do - makes me look older. At some point I will want to look younger again. And I've noted that despite the fact I've been growing it since last June, my mental image of myself is still clean-shaven.

One more thing: When I do remember that I have facial hair, I think it may affect the way I act to some extent. Like how you act differently depending on how you're dressed, but while that has a more tangible impact on you, my facial hair is actually part of me so I can more easily just forget about it. But I find this interesting.
Actually it may just be partly because I associate the different forms of my facial hair with the different characters I grew them for, so with Beard One part of me wants to act a bit imposing and devilish, whereas with Beard Three I kind of feel like I should just be solid and dependable.

Funny how things work like that.


  1. Are you willing to have Pinafore-specific facial hair if I find a picture of what I would like? :)