Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A year on the watch

So it's my birthday for another two minutes, but it'll be into the following day by the time I finish this post. In fact, I got briefly distracted and oh look, there goes midnight.
Anyway, it's been a year since I constructed the name 'Ralph Pocketwatch', which I used for this blog, combining two of the birthday messages I received on facebook last year.

So I figure it could be interesting to take a look back at what's happened to me this year.
I graduated from university, of course. Of course, by the end, I was rather burned out on maths. I still like the subject and would consider doing a PhD if I find a field that particularly grabs me, but I really needed a break, and actually at this point I'm more inclined towards the idea of becoming a librarian (Partly down to a webcomic about librarians which I read through a few months back, but really that just put the idea in my head).

The months between me finishing my degree and me moving out of my student house and back in with my parents saw a definite increase in my forum activity. I really got into that, solidified friendships to a greater extent. And of course there was the summer meetup, and then the winter meetup, really adding to that effect.

I went perhaps a tad overboard with my G&S obsession, being in four of the five societies in the area. A bit crazy of me. Though, since I had nothing else to be doing, why not?
Oh yeah, tangentially related, I grew a beard.

Failed to get a job. It didn't help that I kept procrastinating so it took me about 3 months to actually complete my CV. And then of course there was the issue that since I wasn't overly enthusiastic about any of the jobs I was applying for - since really I just wanted a job so I'd have money which would allow me to do things which cost money. And preferably move out and into a flat or something of my own. I like my family, but I also like my space. But that lack of interest meant I didn't put enough effort into any of those applications to actually get one of the jobs (At least I imagine a bit more effort could've possibly made a difference. Certainly couldn't have hurt). So, yeah, got to put some more thought and effort into that.

I started a blog! Of course. You're reading it. Or, if you're not reading it then you don't know I mentioned it just now, unless you're reading my mind. In which case, you're kind of reading the blog post in my mind as I compose it, so it still sort of counts as you reading the blog. Ha!
Please don't read my mind, though. I like my secrets, old and new and really new, like the past few days new. Most of them are pretty minor things anyway, but still, seriously, don't.

Musings on psychic powers: becoming a feature of this blog? Maybe. Maybe. (I need to write a TF2 post)

Oh yeah, I made more effort to branch out in my social circles, though I'm not very good at it. But, you know, I added a few more people as friends on Steam, I've gone into areas of the Playground I didn't generally before, seriously thought about trying to become more present in the Steam thread maybe, with the gamer people. And of course, a certain amount of social circle expansion has happened due to being in the other G&S societies.
Oh, I culled my facebook friends a bit a while back. Shortly before I started this blog, in fact.

A lot of introspection, I guess that's a fairly significant thing. Sort of.

...Hmm. I should do more with my life, really.
That's been one of the big problems I've had. Have I mentioned that before? Probably.

It's been a mixed year. Good amount of good things in there, but a general lack of activity for a decent amount of it grants a bit of a lacklustre feel overall. Endless relaxation gets rather unfulfilling after a while.
But, that said, there have been some excellent moments, as I mentioned, and the last couple of days in particular I've barely been able to stop grinning. My life seems pretty fantastic to me right now.

Oh, if anyone's wondering, here's a photo of what I got for my birthday:

See you all around in the 24th year of my life.