Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sifting through the past

Well, that's a delightfully pretentious way to say 'tidying', now isn't it?

Lately, I've been going through a load of my stuff, trying to tidy things up, sort them out, etc. Partly because I thought depending on circumstances I might be having a visitor and didn't want to confront them with the kind of disarray my stuff is usually in (But as things turned out, we didn't come to my house, so it was fine!) But partly also because it is kind of a good idea. It's another one of these things where your behaviour is influenced by the trappings you surround yourself in. If you're trying to be organised, it helps if you're in organised surroundings because it puts you in the right mindset.

So, an interesting thing I observed was my rather odd approach to tidying. Well, actually I don't know for sure that it's unusual, but it seems so. What I do is not to immediately reduce the amount of mess, at least not much - rather I take the mess, and pack it into a rather small area.
To be precise, I say "These things should be here, these things should be here, and these things should be here." Then I put the things in the relevant places, but still in a mess, just a mess strictly confined to certain areas. Then I start sorting things out. Possibly. I may not get that far.
The thing is, I think to start with I'm not really reducing mess. In fact, given my haphazard manner of grabbing things and throwing them into their designated area, I may be increasing it. Only the increased mess is all placed out of people's way so they don't notice.

So, as I say, this may not be as unusual as I think it is, so I have to ask, how do other people go about tidying?

The other interesting thing about tidying is of course coming across things you haven't seen for a while. I found my missing cufflink! (They're not very good cufflinks, I got them out of a Christmas cracker, and then repeatedly lost one, then the other, so I could only ever find one) Also programmes and flyers for shows from a few years back.
And of course there were things which hadn't been there that long, but I'd forgotten they were there, like a book I was given by a friend who doesn't really read, and I haven't read it yet either.

On a sort of related note though not exactly but enough that I can stick it in this blog post rather than making a separate one, I also looked through some of my youtube stuff. Added things to my favourites so I can find them easily. And it strikes me that I am gradually getting more and more into youtube stuff. As of right now, I don't see myself becoming a proper vlogger; but it seems much more like a possibility now than it would have, say, a year ago. In that time I've made a few videos which are basically vlogs - me talking to the camera, also those very basically cut together Minehead videos (Even if hardly anyone actually watched them). So... I guess I'm already a vlogger, just a somewhat sporadic one, and all my videos are unlisted so they can only be viewed by people who frequent my blog or GitP. But at the start of this year I had no videos on my youtube, now, unlisted or not, I have 22, with views ranging from 2 or 3 to about 44. So, things change. I'm just not entirely sure how or how much they're going to change.

Hm. Didn't have as much to say about either of those as I thought. Meh. Big post coming up, once I record video clips for it.

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