Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Insanity, slavery, ladders, sticks, crabs, and more insanity. All in your balanced meetup experience!

Right, so this weekend just gone was the eighth UK meetup of GitP forumites, and the fourth which I have attended. They’re excellent fun! While the internet is of course a wonderful thing, and I’ve acquired numerous friends via this medium, there is an additional level of connection that you can get through actually seeing people in person. I probably wrote stuff about this before, talking about the potential confusion of perception of internet friendships, particularly met on forums, since it’s all rather communal and it is thus tricky to pin down specific amounts of interaction with specific people, but I can’t remember for certain, and I can’t check because I’m writing this blog post on the train back from Peterborough and the wifi is only free for 15 minutes, unless you’re travelling first class. That may well even be 15 minutes total, rather than per journey, in which case I already used up that 15 minutes on the train down, checking the Steam sale and posting about how I was on a train.
OK, actually I just checked, it is per journey. So that’s something. I wondered briefly how they determined when it’s a separate journey, but I suppose it’s fairly simple, it’ll get reset between the trips the specific train takes. Anyway, I’m now going to use my 15 minutes for this journey. See you in 15 minutes, word document!

OK, that was a bit longer than 15 minutes. Handily, once something’s loaded, there is of course nothing to stop me reading it even after the free wifi runs out, so I loaded up a few pages at the last minute and just read through them. And then I accidentally switched on my camera by sitting on it, which prompted me to look through my photos. Some of which will be in this post once I’ve gotten home and uploaded them. Anyway, I’m back now.
(Yes, I realise that when people read this this will seem a rather pointless interlude, but I’m sticking to my stream of consciousness!)

Warning: This is an incredibly long blog post. I’ve tried to avoid the wall of text feel by breaking it up into sections and paragraphs and so on, and including pictures, but the fact remains that this was a really wonderful weekend for me and I have a lot to say about it.

So, the meetup. After months of planning, we were all set. We would go to Peterborough and play games. There would be merriment, and baked goods provided by the divine Curly. But then disaster! Her cooker broke somehow during the first batch of cookies. So, I quickly rushed out to Sainsbury’s and bought some baking ingredients. I had a friendly cashier who wished me a good time at the meetup. I would say good times were had. And by ‘quickly’, I mean ‘A few hours later after checking several recipes, though I didn’t actually make note of how much of anything I needed, nor of what was for which recipe. But it worked out well enough. I baked shortbread, sultana and lemon cookies, and chocolate chip cookies (With dark, milk, and white chocolate). I was also going to make something along the lines of a teabread, but it was getting late, and then I didn’t have enough time on the Friday, especially since you’re supposed to leave the fruit in the tea overnight.
In retrospect, I should have taken photos of my baking once it was done but before I let anyone eat any. But I still have a few bits left, so I guess I can take photos of those when I get back, for your viewing convenience.


Anyway, on Friday I packed up all my stuff. Some clothes, a few games, and the baked goods. And my laptop. Train down was fine, 15 minutes free wifi, which I carefully saved for around 6pm so I could check the  new Steam sales (Not that there was anything which  interested me, as it turned out). And of course in that time I also posted on the Playground to say I was on a train, and on facebook to say I was en route to Peterborough, and demanded the people in the GiantitP facebook chat say something interesting in the 15 minute period. I can’t remember if they complied or not. (This time round, incidentally, the responses to a demand for interesting stuff were “I just started TF2.” “My dinner is delicious.” and “I now has a broken 360.” And then Serp proceeded to talk some more about her dinner, leading into a general food conversation and then my time ran out)

Train was a bit delayed due to power outages caused by lightning strikes, but nothing too bad. Arrived in Peterborough. Noted that cars seemed to get into the surrounding environs of the station fairly slowly, so looked around for anything nearby more convenient. Ahah! A car park. Call, KuReshtin, he’s at the station already picking up Archie. So that was a bit of a waste  of time, oh well.
To the Holiday Inn, where we then sat around for a while chatting, more internetting, etc.

Come to meet online friends in person, so naturally the first thing we do is go on the internet.
Fred dealt 258 SAN (Sanity, for the uninitiated) damage to Archie by talking about space squid using nitrates in cucumbers to turn humans into shraks, which are sharks with fur and guns for fins. You know, your standard sort of hanging out. 
The face of a man who causes sanity damage.
But then!
Around 2100 hours, we began consultation regarding an important mission we believed we should undertake. We considered awaiting the arrival of the Dutch contingent, and contemplated problems regarding volume of transit facilities. There was an option that one might remain behind as our contact at base. We requested assistance from other units but they were without necessary resources or local knowledge. At 2200 hours, we decided the matter was becoming urgent, and asked assistance of a helpful local regarding possible target areas. Having chosen one, we checked the suitability of our projected entry time, and set off, one group securing an area while our driver returned for the remaining pair. Primary and secondary mission objectives were achieved, the Dutch contingent were contacted, and we returned to base to rendezvous with them.

“Ooh,” I’m sure you’re thinking, “fancy-pants faux-military terminology. What the hell is he talking about?” Well, allow me to reiterate, recapitulate, and elucidate. That is, let me say that again, a bit more clearly:

Around 9pm: “So, we should probably go get some food.” “Well the restaurant here closes at 9:30, so we might want to go somewhere else.” “DD said he’d be here around 9, should we wait for him?” “We’ll wait for him to arrive, then eat him!” “Wait, if we’re going into Peterborough, the car only seats five, and there are six of us. Someone’ll have to stay behind.” “Or I could do two trips.” “No! Fred stays behind!” And so on. I’m paraphrasing but you get the gist. Then there was something about how Fred was going to mastermind the mission from back at the base.
Yes, it had become a serious mission at this point.
Primary mission objective: Find food.
Secondary mission objective: Eat food.
We were also consulting with other Playgrounders via the facebook chat. Cassie was unhelpful. Avocado offered to air-drop food if he had a plane. Which he doesn’t. The Dutch contingent were still yet to arrive.

Around 10pm: “OK, seriously, food. Ask someone at the reception desk where’s good.” “OK, there’s an Italian here, ring to see if they’re open.” ... “OK, yeah, this Italian, we’ll ring to see if they’re still open?” Around 10:20 I think, we headed out, and were there by 10:30ish, having made the two car journeys. Mission objectives were achieved. DD called partway through the meal, we told him he was late and therefore terrible.
Oh, did I mention Archie doesn’t know how to use his new phone? Well, he does for some things. He can search for restaurants and stuff, but he is as yet unfamiliar with how to use the phone to phone people.
Oh, also Fred is now called Fish. I forgot to mention that.
Hmm, this is going to be a long post... also I’m not going to finish it in the space of the train journey. We’re at York already (Bye, Kobold-Bard), and I haven’t finished talking about Friday yet. This is still just the pre-meetup meetup. Or that might be the morning, in which case this is the pre-pre-meetup-meetup meetup. Anyway, I digress. Digressing further, it occurs to me that one logs in for the free wifi using one’s email address and I have 3 different email addresses. So... I think I’ll see if I can get another fifteen minutes. I don’t think anything else of particular note happened on Friday. Oh, Archie’s SAN damage got up to at least 372 (355 by Fred, 17 by Korli). There may have been more, but he was away from his dice and I didn’t bother adding on numbers that were just being picked out of the air. Apparently the count by the end was 832 SAN damage. Unless more was dealt after we left them to get on our train.
Right, back in another fifteen minutes or thereabouts.
OK, it doesn’t work, presumably because all my other details are the same, so it knows it’s still me. Or maybe it knows that this is the same laptop, either way, no more internet ’til I get home, ’cause I’m sure as hell not paying for it.


Rising early in the morning, We proceed to light the fire­-no! This is not Gilbert & Sullivan time. Oh, I had another G&S moment on Saturday night, because Kurly used the word ‘contemplative’, so naturally my brain started looping In a contemplative fashion.
The concealed face of a Goddess who drives me to contemplation, and G&S earworms.
Rising early in the morning, at least by my standards (I am not much of a morning person), we went down, chatted a bit, then had breakfast. Breakfast at the Holiday Inn was too expensive in my view, but Tasroth insisted on it, and since it was paid by the room... on the plus side, it was a self-service buffet, so I loaded up on food in the hopes it would last me through the whole day and I wouldn’t need to pay for more food later on. Again, two trips to get everyone there, also we picked up a Spanner from the train station. And, once again, the Dutch contingent was late. Started off playing Munchkin.
Also we stole DD's hat.
A very long game of Munchkin. I mean, Munchkin does start off slowly, but it was even worse for us, because we kept getting reverted back to level 1 once we reached level 3. So about an hour in, we were all still low-level. Eventually we did rise to higher levels, but seriously, really long game. I’ll have to ask someone else exactly how long once I arrive back at the internet. That is, once I arrive home. Though I guess you could say the internet is my home in a way. Finally me and Spanner won jointly, by co-operating to kill a monster and me being an elf (Munchkin players may feel free to question the rules-legality of this, but we decided it was fine).
Oh, other rules dispute we had – a wizard can charm a monster by discarding his hand. If he has no cards in his hand, can he still do that, discarding his zero cards for the charm spell? We let it work, of which I was glad since I was the wizard. Though it did then prompt someone to curse me to lose my class (For those who don’t know, jokes about the players having no class are standard in Munchkin. It’s even in the rules).

While this had been going on, various other games were played. Everyone arrived, some people were taking over the universe, others were shooting the sheriff, but not the deputy. Song reference aside, actually they weren’t shooting the sheriff because he had a special ability that made him more or less invulnerable (Seriously. While fun, that game is a tad unbalanced). Oh, they also put the sheriff in jail, despite the fact is says in the rules you can’t do that. There may have been other games played – I know that Once Upon a Time and Fluxx were played at some point while I was otherwise engaged, but I’m not sure when.
Oh, and of course, Nuclear War. Wherein Cassie, the resident cockroach, was defeated. By propaganda.
Turn 3. Cockroach is dead. No nukes fired.
Now, onto the big stuff: RPG sessions began.

First, Archie’s 4th edition adventure. I wasn’t in this, so I don’t know all of what happened. But despite Archie having made threatening insinuations about demiliches and dracoliches to his players (The characters were level 2, btw), it all sounded fairly reasonable. My impression is that it was your fairly standard kick in the door hack and slash D&D adventure, just exploring a dungeon and fighting monsters, so there’s not that much I can say. Main point of interest – they found a black dragon. Kobold-Bard (Playing an actual kobold bard) defected to the dragon’s side (Presumably under the assumption the party would lose, and not wanting to die). Subsequently he ran away and fell into a spike pit.

Oh, prior to that, apparently kobold throwing was a rather effective tactic.
Oh yeah, also there was talk of bottomless pits (Though I don’t think there actually were any in the dungeon), and the false bottoms of said bottomless pits. Not really false, just you never get there, because the idea was that on reaching the bottom of the pit you’re teleported back to the top again. Portal discussion inevitably ensued. also I think a certain amount of immature amusement about the false bottoms.
More on the immature amusement front later, but first!

Right, we’re getting close to Newcastle, so I’m going to have to leave this and come back to it once I’m home.

OK, it’s now several hours later because I’ve been doing other things, like checking the internet in general and uploading my photos. And playing video games (Last day of the Steam sale, I have to). Vaguely interesting point – it being so soon after a meetup, I’m much more prone to hearing people’s posts in their actual voices in my head (People who were at the meetup that is). It’s a tad odd, because of accents.
Incidentally, returning to the point of this mentioning of leaving and coming back to writing the post. I’m really not sure myself what purpose it serves. I guess you’re getting some level of insight into the creative process of me writing a blog post? That is, I think of a subject, start writing, periodically getting distracted and doing something else.
Now, as I was about to say before I was so rudely interrupted by the train approaching my station (How very dare it):

Lensman’s Star Wars Session

Now, Star Wars is not necessarily my favourite thing, but I can certainly see how the setting can be cool for adventuring in, and I had been reliably informed that these were really good. Also last summer I overheard Lensman doing funny robot voices and stuff, and Ku using his MOST COMMANDEROUS VOICE, which sounded amusing. I was not disappointed, though I didn’t get as much into it at first, simply because my dice rolls were terrible early on.

OK, first, I’ll briefly go through the characters:
Canraki, smuggler. Played by KuReshtin. Good in a fight, and seems to rather enjoy fighting as well. Also has a massive amoral streak, particularly when it comes to dealing with Imperial stormtroopers. There were mentions of a few gruesome fates he’d inflicted.
Torgul, engineer. Played by Hamishspence. Not so assertive as the other characters, but really good at his engineering. Droid programming and such. Less good at fighting, or anything physical really.
Drake, mercenary. Played by Spanner. Modelled somewhat on Jayne from Firefly, down to ad-libbing into the game start script “This is my very favourite gun! I call it Vera.” Likes his fighting, very good at it.
Koorly, senator. Played by Coorli. As a senator, naturally particularly good at negotiating and suchlike, but also surprisingly good in a fight.
Oren Sinclair, pilot. Played by me. Really good pilot, fairly nimble, moderately strong, and decent in a fight if I actually rolled any decent numbers. The description on the character sheet Lensman gave me says “He joined the rebellion because the Empire was too grey – TIEs have no style!” Which left me briefly tempted to play him camp and fabulous. But I didn’t.

I’ll briefly describe the system. For each of a bunch of different skills (e.g. Blaster, Climb/Jump, Hide/Sneak, Pilot, etc) you have a stat of xD + y. So whenever you have to do something you find the relevant skill, roll x d6s and add y, then the GM tells you if that’s good enough to do what you wanted to do. Bad things happen if you roll all 1s. If you want to do more than one thing in a round, you subtract one die from each skill before rolling it. So for example, if I’m fighting and want to dodge my opponents attack as well as shooting him, instead of rolling 3D+1 for my shot and being automatically hit by his attack, I would roll 2D+1 for my shot and 2D+2 to dodge his attack (My base dodge being 3D+2).
Oh yes, and you have force points. We had one force point each. By using the force, you get to double all your skills. So 3D+1 becomes 6D+2, for example.

Got that? It’s not overly important if you haven’t, I suppose. I won’t be mentioning the  mechanics a great deal.
So the scenario began in medias res. We went through a provided one page pre-game script to get us into it. To summarise, we need to blow up an automated sensor station within the next three days. Our airship was struck by lightning or something (It was definitely Canraki’s fault somehow), we’ve crash landed in a jungle, and because of some technobabble, our guns won’t work (This is why the sensor station is two kilometres up). There is a ground station forty clicks away that should have an emergency zeppelin we can use. And then we were attacked by spiders.
The others apart from Torgul (Who as I mentioned, isn’t great at fighting) do fairly well, attacking the spiders with fists, knives, and the butts of their useless guns. I try to brawl and miss. And miss again. Third round I land a hit! ...on Koorly (I rolled two 1s). And the next round I somehow managed to submerge myself up to about the armpits in mud (Two 1s again). So much for my smart, stylish clothing. Le sigh. I was joined in my critical failure this time by Koorly, who managed to hit Canraki rather than the spider he was grappling with. As I recall she actually injured him as well (Whereas my hit on her was weak and ineffectual). So, not the best combat, though we did beat the spiders in the end, and all damage was able to be healed.

On our way towards the ground station we saw another ship crash down and went to see if it had any useful salvageable parts. Whereupon we were ambushed by native people who spoke a language which only Koorly and Torgul could understand. Variant of Old Galactic or something. They took us to their leader. Koorly explained we simply wanted to get to that ground station, and transport and stuff would be helpful. So, trading. She offered whatever was left in our ship but the chief didn’t place any value on it. Instead, he wanted Koorly herself. (Lensman has said subsequently that he would have wanted me had it not been for my muddy misadventure – apparently Oren is pretty? – which only reaffirmed my thoughts  on how I could have played my character as camp...)
So, the rest of us being completely oblivious, Koorly negotiated to sell herself into slavery, claiming to be a princess to get a better price, including a guide (Which surely would have been problematic had this idea gone through, since the guide could hardly fail to notice her rejoining us after escaping from captivity). But at that moment we were surprised by the appearance of a recurring villain! Well, she hasn’t recurred yet, but she probably will. Apparently Canraki shut her brother in a box and left him to burn to death. After briefly gloating at her stupidity in trying to shoot us, which of course wouldn’t work due to the technobabble at the planet’s core, we attacked, Koorly having quickly renegotiated with the chief to sell this woman and her two thugs into slavery instead of her. Canraki dealt with one thug and the woman herself, but Drake and the other thug seemed fairly evenly matched (Though as I recall, this was at least partly just because Spanner wasn’t rolling so well). The chief announced that this must be solved by law. Which in their culture means trial by combat.

Pit fight!
Drake fought the thug on these walkways above a pit containing a Jabberwock (I don’t know if it was ever intended to be something from the Star Wars universe, Lensman was just calling it a Jabberwock). Drake chose a spear, the thug a club. There was some manoeuvring around the walkways, and we got the impression the thug planned to try and break a walkway to drop Drake in the pit. Drake first managed to stab him, then to avoid the walkway smashing, threw the spear as a distraction and charged the guy, who dropped his club, and they just started grappling. Drake got put in a rather precarious position, half off the pillar, but managed to get back up again. Tried to force the guy back and out the side of the arena, which would cause him to forfeit the fight, but poor rolls put paid to that plan and necessitated a retreat. Got back to the other pillar, thug charges. Drake tried to dodge out of the way at the last minute and leave the guy careering onward into empty space and falling in the pit to be eaten. Didn’t quite work, Drake ended up lying down half off the pillar again. Finally good rolls, managed to drag the thug down like that as well, and then pushed him off.
And so we left the woman (Her name was Calya) and her remaining thug as slaves, she vowing revenge on us, got some jewellery and stuff in addition to what was originally bargained for as compensation for the fact the thug cheated by throwing a grenade at Drake during the fight.

We got to the ground station, took the zeppelin, flew up to the sensor station. Our guns started working again, about which Drake was very pleased. Managed to bluff our way on past the security droid. Inside we were greeted by a very polite robotic voice informing us that the internal security systems had been switched off for only five minutes, then they would be reactivated, which would regrettably result in our deaths, and have a nice day. We managed to get the elevator open, and were informed that while the elevator was unfortunately not working, ladders had been provided for our convenience and the security systems inside the elevator shaft had been switched off temporarily. Me, Torgul and Drake headed up to the top level, while Koorly and Canraki headed down.
It was at this point we had our most trying encounter of the whole adventure. Though we took no damage, it seriously slowed us down by catching first one and then the other of the downward-heading group, and tying up all three of the upward-heading group at once for some time. I am of course referring to our epic struggle... with the ladders.
Due to a series of bad rolls, Koorly snagged her clothes on the ladder, forcing Canraki to climb back up and detach her. Then he got his foot stuck through the rungs, forcing  her to come down and help him out. Meanwhile my group of three initially all tried to climb the ladder simultaneously, with understandably ineffective results. But eventually we all got to the top and bottom of the station and planted explosives, also Torgul got the R5 droid at the top to switch off the self-repair system and completely switch off the security systems – none of this ‘only 5 minutes’ stuff we’d been having before.
Glancing outside at this point we noticed the arrival of an Imperial ship, which by our reckoning would probably have 24 stormtroopers on it... Also I noted the puzzling absence of our zeppelin, and the strange burning thing a little way below where it used to be...
Shortly thereafter, Commander Landig ordered us to surrender and come to the middle section to be arrested, otherwise we would be tortured painfully before we were killed. Though he seemed somewhat unclear on how he was going to get to us to torture and kill us if we refused to comply. But of course we knew we really had to get off soon before the station exploded.

Possible shenanigans with the security systems were proposed and shot down – we could only switch it on and off, we couldn’t specifically switch on the security systems in the middle section to kill the stormtroopers and leave us alive. And there were apparently external security systems as well, so we couldn’t tell the droid to switch the security back on, then off again ins a minute or so, and just wait out that minute while hanging off the outside of the station (In retrospect, it occurs to me this may have been some quick thinking on Lensman’s part to prevent the encounter from being too easy). So first, Drake rappelled down the elevator shaft to the middle section, threw in a thermal detonator, slammed the door shut and dropped down to the bottom. 6 dead (As I recall this was what he used his force point on). They retaliated with a grenade of their own, but shutting the elevator doors left us safe so they only succeeded in destroying our archnemeses the ladders.

Next, we climbed up and down the sides of the station. Drake and Koorly came up below a pair of stormtroopers who they shot while hanging off the station (I think this was Koorly’s force point?) and then got up onto the walkway along with Canraki. Torgul IIRC spent his force point to ensure he climbed down safely, while I was fine normally, and we came down on the opposite side – in fact, the side where we’d originally entered, and also where the Commander was. So we co-ordinated our assault. The three good fighters entered from their side all guns blazing, distracting the stormtroopers. Thus the Commander was left with only a solitary guard. Me and Torgul entered quietly, and at this point I used my force point to allow me lots of dice for three actions all at 4D+2 (3D+1 base, doubled for using the force, minus 2D for two additional actions in the round). I sneaked up behind the two of them, shot the stormtrooper point blank in the back of the head, and held up the Commander, ordering him to tell his men to stand down and drop their weapons.

Canraki came round to see the Commander, who, as it turned out, was another recurring villain – last summer they apparently somehow convinced him to cover their escape and his unit were slaughtered by giant mechanical six-legged spider things. How did he survive, you ask? Well, they rebuilt him. They had the technology. He was now some sort of cyborg thing. He leaped at Canraki, and I think this was when he used his force point. Slammed the guy against the wall, where he exploded his power source. Station starting to lurch, we ran off, Canraki shoving a couple of stormtroopers off the side in his hurry to get to their ship, which we flew away. Behind us, the station started to fall out of the sky and then exploded. Mission successful!

Well, that was rather long (Quick check – yep, this is already my longest blog post so far). The writing of this post having been slowed already by other internetting, tiredness, photo uploading, gaming, sleep, gaming and a rehearsal, I think it will now be delayed once more by sleep. This is how one takes more than two days to write a blog post, which I’m sure you were all dying to know.

The rest

At some point during all that, the baked goods were broken out and given to people.
And now, we move on to a momentous occasion in UK Meetup history: For the first time ever, we played Kubb.

Kubb has, thanks to the Troglanders, basically become the official Playground meetup game (For the benefit of any non-Playgrounders still reading – Trogland is what we call Vespuccia (Vespuccia is what we call the USA)). So finally getting to play it at a UK Meetup was of significance. A detailed description of the rules is not really necessary – basically, you throw sticks at other sticks and try to knock them over. In general, we weren’t very good at it – though, if you got points for getting really close, then I would have done rather well.
So close...
After a couple of games of Kubb, several of us took a break, had a drink, chatted, and also in a couple of cases ran off to the nearest cash machine to get money. After a while, Kubb finished, and a bit later, the 4th edition session finished. At this point, we were back to the general series of various games. Some people tried out a couple of games Ku had just bought two days before – first, Wolsung, a game in which one builds steampunk machines. Apparently quite complicated, but very fun once you get used to it. And then, from behind me I had the immortal quote: “Can anyone give me crabs?”
I told you the immature humour would be back.
This was the game Kung Fu. Wherein you can make various combinations with these different animal things (Which include crabs, as well as things like tiger, bird, etc). Also, it’s fairly free-form, no turns or anything most of the time. Also sounded fun.
Meanwhile I was constructing Frankenstein’s monsters, changing history, and making an abortive attempt at bean-farming. That is, we played It’s Alive! and Chrononauts (Vuldus started World War 3, while Lensman repeatedly assassinated and un-assassinated Hitler) before attempting to play Bohnanza, but giving up because the rule were a bit confusing in our state of tired-ness. And then Once Upon a Time. Sadly there were no mechanical trees. I attempted to restore my Goddess to her former glory, but the story got taken away from me and also I was stuck with a stepmother I didn’t know what to do with.
Final point of note for me – there was a game of Munchkin going on, which saw some rather epic screwing over of people to stop them winning – to the tune of the Thief card being passed around the table to give everyone a chance to backstab them and steal their items. Sedracus tried several means to get people to help him win, including offering to kiss Corly’s feet, but to no avail. But then eventually, he was successful in forming another Elven alliance to win jointly with Crown of Thorns (Oh, sidenote: While playing Chrononauts, a few of us were tempted to try and win by collecting two of the artifacts on our mission cards and then getting the third by running across the room and saying “Look! I’ve got the Crown of Thorns!”)

And finally, we took group photos, eventually managing to get everyone to be seen in them,

And packed up and left. Though since once again two trips were required, there was some time spent waiting around in the function room talking about the temptation to jump up onto the stage and proclaim something. Also about people looking younger than they are.
Plait hair - reduce apparent age.
And also Shakespearean and similar period insults.
Finally finally, back at the Holiday Inn, we had one last game of Munchkin. As it progressed, people were getting rather tired, and given some of them had to leave fairly early in the morning, we speeded up the game by saying that once combat was over, the next person should take their turn, other things being sorted out during other players’ turns. Eventually, I won. Having reached level 9, the others naturally put massive amounts of effort into stopping me winning... and then DD drew Divine Intervention. And unlike Ku, when he specifically retrieved it from the discards in the earlier really long Munchkin game, I was still a Cleric. Victory is mine!

Really finally finally, the following morning my breakfast was considerably less – only a bowl of cereal and several glasses of orange juice, to maximise the amount of time I could spend with my friends at this point. Headed off to the train station a bit early. Wandered off with the others to find their breakfast, but weren’t quick enough so had to wander straight back,  following a slight NUGSS in-joke regarding a trip hazard. Met Kobold-Bard back at the station (He’d been staying elsewhere), said farewells at some length, and departed.

Sadface. I miss you guys.

Got on the train, started writing a blog post...

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