Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pray tell me how you come to find me in this place.

OK, so this blog post is not going to be much of a post, but I wanted to put something up linking together all of my various things I'm doing on the internet at present. Obviously there's this blog, which I am going to continue doing things with (trying to stick to making at least one post a week, though I've struggled a bit with that, technically this is last week's post), but I've also been making more use of my youtube channel:
Posting vlogs on assorted subjects. Trying to stick to one of those each week as well. Maybe I'll say something interesting at some point.

I also created a second youtube channel:
...Pocketwatch, WatchPocket... get my terrible pun? Good, because it's in the intro to all my videos thus far... Anyway. This is for gaming videos, and is getting uupdated somewhat more than once a week, simply because I play video games quite a bit, and so all I have to do is record and talk while so doing and voila! Videos. Again, maybe I'll say interesting things once in a while. Maybe people will actually watch them, but if they don't, again, I don't lose a lot by making them so I may as well do it.

And, twitter:
To be honest, I'm mostly using it to follow interesting people and tweeting whenever I put up a new video (on either channel) or blog post, but I might say other thigns from time to time as well. Anyway, it's there, regardless, and it will be a means of tracking my other stuff.

So, yeah. There we go. That is my internet presence as a content creator (Obviously I'm also a person on forums and facebook, but that's an entirely different kettle of fish).
I will now return you to your semi-regularly scheduled programming of me talkign at great length about whatever's been on my mind recently.

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